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We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

We offer a range of training packages in a range of subject areas and can offer blended learning opportunities to best meet your needs. If sitting in a room with a trainer and having the opportunity for discussion with other learners sounds good to you then we can offer this. If you have enough people wanting to attend the same course.

If you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed then one of our e-learning packages may be right up your street. There is a third option, which is you like the sound of both but perhaps can’t attend all training sessions, this is when blended learning comes into its own.




Differential Equations

An introduction to differential equations and their applications, based upon knowledge of calculus. Topics to include: initial value problems of the first- order, numerical solutions, systems of differential equations, linear differential equations, Laplace transforms, series solutions.


Calculus I

Introduction to the primary concepts and techniques of differential and integral calculus. Topics include limits and continuity, the derivative, differentiation and integration of algebraic and trigonometric functions, linearization of functions, Mean Value theorem, extrema and curve sketching, area and the definite integral and fundamental theorem.


Calculus 3

Topics include vectors in 2D and 3D-space, curves in space, directional derivatives, gradient, extrema of multivariable functions, Lagrange multipliers, double and triple integrals, integration in cylindrical and spherical coordinates. Emphasis on conceptual understanding and modeling of physical phenomena.

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